6 Best Places to Find and Download High-Quality Free Stock Photos

Looking to find and download high-quality free stock photos you can use for your website, blog, or online project? Look no further and check these 6 popular places!

High-quality photos are crucial for putting together a perfect website. However, finding good photos you can use for your website or blog is not as easy as it sounds. Even though you think you can just find and download a photo from Google, you should know that you are not allowed to do that! You are risking your website and your business and there are good chances of paying penalties to the person who owns the photo.

So, what are your options?

You need to find a website with high-quality and free stock photos available. These photos can be used for personal and commercial purposes, so your job is to find the photo you need and download it without worrying about possible consequences.

We are going to present you the best websites where you can find and download great and free stock photos. The photos on these websites are available for public use and most of them fall under a CC0 license or Creative Commons License. This means that you are allowed to use the photos without attribution.

Take a look at these 6 places:

  • cc – This is a free resource where you can find and download creative commons photos for your website or blog. You can search photos by using the search box. If you want, you can mention the photographer name, under the photo.
  • Raumrot – This website specializes in hand-selected and free stock photos that can be used for both personal and commercial needs. The photos are available in high-resolution formats.
  • Free Refe Mobile Photos – This website can offer you a large selection of photos, especially of objects and landscapes. Each photo is taken using a smartphone.
  • Magdeleine – Another popular site with a huge selection of high-quality and hand-picked photos. You can search by color, subject or mood.
  • Im Free – This is a new website for free stock photos, however, it is quite popular. You can find icons, templates, buttons, and so much more.
  • The Amazing Pattern Library – This website contains a lot of amazing photos of patterns and textures. From bold to simple, you can choose great textures for your design projects!

With just one click you can download the photo you want and use it for your online projects!

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