Find, Copy or Download the Best Free Stock Photos for Social Media

Where to find the best free stock photos for your social media account? Read this article and discover everything!


The truth is that today design matters more than ever before and if you are a designer or an artist you would definitely agree with us! If your social media, website or blog uses low-quality photos then you will sooner or later lose credibility and trust with your clients. You shouldn’t allow this – you should not make the mistake of associating your business with generic stock photos!

The problem is that without a suitable budget it can be challenging to source high-quality images! Luckily, there are some great free stock photo sites and sources of creative photography such as Flickr Embed and Creative Commons.

In order for you to engage people scrolling by in social media platforms, you need photos that are authentic, relevant, sensory, and archetypal. In other words, you need photos that can’t look like generic stock photos, speak directly to your clients’ life, be eye-catching so they can attract people’s attention, and symbolic of your mission and brand values.

As you can see, having the perfect photos is not an easy. You need to spend some time researching and exploring free stock photo sites to find the ideal photos for your social media!

In this article, we are going to present you the best options you can use to find, copy or download royalty-free stock photos:

  • Pexels – A large selection of free stock photos you can use for personal or commercial purposes. No attribution is required.
  • Pixabay – A very popular free stock photo source! All photos are free to use for commercial purposes.
  • Death to Stock Photo – If you are looking for a unique and fresh pack of high-quality stock images delivered monthly and directly to your email inbox. Death to Stock Photo is an excellent source where you can find eye-catching photos for social media, websites, and blog posts.
  • Unsplash – They are known for posting 10 new stock photos every day! You can find some great and inspiring photos of people living fun and adventurous lives.
  • LibreStock – If you decide to use this website you could save yourself a lot of time as here you can find the best free stock photo websites with just one click! All photos can be used for personal and commercial purposes without attribution.

Check these websites and discover high-quality photos you can use for your website or social media networks!

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